The Not-So-Awesome Game [Part A]

Part A_

So I started to liken my life to a football (soccer) team; which is quite an abstract thing to do. But given that I’m starting to love this “abstract” thought pattern, you can bet I’m sticking with it.

So this beautiful evening, I find my humble self “sitting alone” amidst quite a number of spectators, at this not-so-awesome football match-up, which I probably would deny ever watching; had my eyes not been glued to this grassless pitch.

(mind you, you’d always “find” yourself in different places if you’re given to frequent “soul-searching”).

Well, sitting here, from my short time spent, has been worse than taking a SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS on a Friday (if that perfectly explains total confusion). Why I’m here I don’t know. Literally.

To make things worse, I just realised (right around the beginning of the previous paragraph) that rather than actually gazing into the field of play, I’d been moping down at this ugly-looking-pebble-filled rocky ground. But my confusion is that when I looked up, eventually, returning my attention to the match, I saw nothing different(ly). Whatever I’d been staring down at, was exactly all I was seeing. Nothing changed.

Now I’m trying to figure out how I managed to see the match through the eyes of the ground. Some legendary sturvs. But hey, don’t think about it. I’d advise. At least don’t  try to. 

Well, whatever it was, it birthed a question which I now intend to answer using this article. The question is this:

images“what were you doing at the football game?”

Perhaps, you expected some deep question, I know. I don’t do deep stuff. I just don’t. But to answer your question, Dear Reader, I was staring, (not at the players nor at the ground, but) at my life. Yes. My life. Makes sense yet? No.

Let me help you. Scroll all the way up, then read the very first line of the very first paragraph. You get it now. Well, if you don’t, you would along the line. My thoughts came out as thus: My life as the football team; the players as my different paradigms [mindsets].

  1. The Goalie = The Protectionist Mindset
  2. The Defenders = The Defensive Mindset
  3. The Midfielders = The “Fear” Factor
  4. The Attackers = The “Achiever” Mindset

I’ll assume you already know that these categories of players make up a football team, just because you’re smart.

Now I honestly don’t intend to make this piece any longer than it already seems to be, which is why I broke them into parts. So I’ll discuss each category in the different parts as time goes on. Also, considering that it’s getting really late out here and the referee just blew the closing whistle some moments ago, I’ll be on my way home now. 

The rest of the piece (where it gets interesting) will be available here in no time, so do well to check back as frequently as possible. Thanks alot for your time.



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