I Fear What I See… 

Welcome to my thought bank. I choose not to generalise my thoughts, just like DaBoomsha would say “right or wrong that’s just how I felt at the time”. So try not to see these as facts. Just thoughts. Don’t get it twisted. I mean, if it relates to you, fine; but if it doesn’t apply to you, cool. These are all thoughts. 

I have grown to realise that there are three dimensions of the human sight or vision, just as there are three dimensions of the human being (body, soul and spirit). They are:

  • Physical/Natural Sight/Vision: which apparently has all to do with the physical sense of sight (the “naked” eyes),
  • Soul Sight/Vision: which is commonly known as the Imagination,
  • And Supernatural Vision: which plays an active role when people have “revelations”.

    For the sake of this post, focus will be more on the first two. 

    Fear, according to Wikipedia, is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threats… Note the presence of the word “perceived” in the text.  

    While some people would disagree with me, even before I try to claim that there’s a possible relation of “Perception” to “Sight”, I’d attempt to logically explain my view. So, I need you to recall a few scenarios where you’ve been scared, just as I do the same. Say, scared of walking down a dark & lonely pathway… Or sitting for an unprepared exam… Or scared of dating someone. Anything. Just recollect an image of one of your fearful moments. 

    Done…? I believe so. Good. Now for me, I used to be scared of the dark for most of my childhood. And recently when I dared to ask myself “WHY?”, I figured that whenever I was about to go inside a dark room, I begin to see images (in my mind) of things that could possibly be lying in wait to devour my little soul. Painting pictures in my mind of the likely danger that I might face going in there.

    Simply put, I was thinking about the things I didn’t want to see/happen.

    No doubt, the law of attraction is real; because the more I thought about what I didn’t want to happen, the more images of it I saw; images which would eventually become my reality. 

    I can only fear it, because I see it. – Anonymous 

    It is pertinent to note that the soul vision (or imagination, if you prefer), plays the most active role in a man’s life. As a matter of fact, man is ‘nothing’ without it!

    In case you’re wondering how & why I can say that with so much confidence, (or not. You probably don’t care about my guts, I know). But think about it, humans are the only creatures blessed with Imaginative Power. Animals don’t imagine… Trees certainly cannot. (Feel free to blast me in the comment section if you believe otherwise, please). I mean, that’s if you’ve ever heard a commentary go something like, “…so the lioness, having gone 3 days without a kill, imagined what her next meal would look like…” – sounds ridiculous to me. Not even ANGELS possess this special gift of imaginative power. Shocking, eh? 

    This imaginative power is your creative ability! – Rev. Chris Oyakhilome (PhD)

    I’ll tell you a true story. But before I begin I’d like to affirm that every human being was made in God’s Image & Likeness. Now why should you believe me? Because God said so; if that’s not enough for anyone to believe then, Don’t. (there I go imposing my belief on ya, don’t be offended). Truth is, whether I believe it or not doesn’t change that. But what it does change is my approach to life on a daily basis. Long story. But you’ll get it with time. 

    Now my story. God, during creation, put His imaginative power to use. The scriptures said His Spirit was brooding upon the waters and conceiving things; things which He spoke into being later on. This is same with you and me. 

    We are scared of the unknown, because we tend to have our own images of what the unknown looks like, in our subconscious. I might see fear, and you might see possibility, or vice versa. But what we say (about a situation) is a projection of what we see or are seeing. Just like God did. “Made in His image” remember? 

    So to round this all up, I’ll leave you, my dear reader, with this; The law of attraction states that you attract what you focus your thoughts or imagination on, ‘what you fear’ inclusive. So what d’you say? Are you going to focus your thoughts on what you want? Or on what you don’t want? One breeds Fear; the other births Confidence. Choose wisely. 

    Therefore, choose Ye this day whom Ye shall fo… 

    See you soon! 


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    1. Great post! I like what you said at the end about making a choice to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t. Fear has played a huge role in my life, too, so I really relate to what you’re saying here, although I disagree about animals having imagination. My dog is definitely imagining what my steak tastes like as he stares longingly at it, drooling all over my floor. 😜

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