Creator… creation…

Welcome to my thought bank. I appreciate you taking some time out of your life to spy on my mind. This piece is a pure product of thinking inspired by my belief. Enough said. I’ll just jump right into it. See you at the last paragraph!

Heads-up: you might want to keep a Bible close to you(or just Google the verses), just so you can get a total hang of this one. I mean, since most folks label the Bible a “history book” in their opinion then, it’d do no harm. So I kindly and most humbly oblige you to look up the few verses referenced in this article. Believe me it won’t hurt. If anything you’ll enjoy it. Trust me! 

 This is kind of a love story. A story of The Creator – God and His most priced and treasured creation – Mankind. And since, every story has two sides then I’ll do my best in telling the little I can from both sides; just so no-one feels cheated. 

In my opinion: if God were not God, He would have had enough of Mankind. 

Why? Because Mankind, of all things created by God, happens to be bent on going against his Creator’s Will always. A pity. Biting the hand that fed and continues to feed him every chance he gets. Fighting his only hope. Like a sailor, shooting at his boat for refusing to move in his desired direction, in the midst of a raging storm. 

Sorta like the scene in this short video clip:

So allow me give you three scenarios where Mankind has deliberately gone against God; 

First, God made Mankind, placed him in a beautiful garden filled with tress of all kinds, then pointed to a particular tree and commanded, “eat from and of everything but this tree”. But man (with help from the deceiver) chose to eat from “nothing but that particular tree.” [Genesis 2:16-17; 3:6-13]
Secondly, just after God had made a covenant with Mankind, having initially destroyed the world because of Mankind’s rebellion (except for 8 people and a couple of animals – Gen 7:13-16), Mankind took on another rebellious march. This time he started to build a tower that would “reach the sky”, with intentions to make a name for himself and “not be scattered over the earth.” In direct opposition to God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it” [Gen 1:28].

Lastly. This one’s much recent and as a matter of fact still ongoing. Jesus once said this and I’ll paraphrase; “my own follow me because they know my voice; they will run away from someone else because they don’t know his voice.” [John 10:3-5]. But quite unsurprisingly, Mankind has chosen to do the opposite yet again; this time he runs from God, denies His existence, and then presses towards another source, for some refutable reason. 

What is it Mankind seeks that God cannot supply in excess? Could it be Protection? Or fulfilment? Or Satisfaction? Perhaps one day you and I will find out. Or not. 

But at the moment, let’s head down the illusionary lane and assume that the All-knowing God requires your advice. What would be your advice to God regarding Mankind, His most-priced jewel, which has continuously rebelled against Him? To unleash His holy & just wrath? To initiate a total wipeout? Suggestions please…


Lookey here! Before you start yelling out your “wise counsel” to The Author of Wisdom Himself (in your mind of course), I’d advise you open your eyes and mind to this realization: 

Mankind is Us. Yes. You and me. We are Mankind. We rebelled against God. We moved Him to act. 

And oh, did God act! But what did God do?

Well, you guessed right! God took your advice. 

God poured out His Holy & Just Wrath on Mankind. He unleashed His Fury. But He did it in outstanding fashion. 

Wanna know how? Oh I know you’re curious, and that’s why I’ll tell you “HOW” in the next episode. 

I promised to meet you at the last paragraph. Though my mind does talk alot, I’m glad you stayed through to the end. I appreciate you! We’re done here for now, so see you at the next episode!


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