“Thank You”

Lyrics to my single THANK YOU. Verse 1: Okay, I'm reminiscing...how did I ever make out of the rave? I thought my soul was missing...when I rode head first into that lane Your boy would never listen; all I  wanted was to show off the dough I was making... I really was faking... My body [...]


I Fear What I See… 

Welcome to my thought bank. I choose not to generalise my thoughts, just like DaBoomsha would say "right or wrong that's just how I felt at the time". So try not to see these as facts. Just thoughts. Don't get it twisted. I mean, if it relates to you, fine; but if it doesn't apply [...]

The Not-So-Awesome Game [Part A]

Part A_ So I started to liken my life to a football (soccer) team; which is quite an abstract thing to do. But given that I'm starting to love this “abstract” thought pattern, you can bet I'm sticking with it. So this beautiful evening, I find my humble self “sitting alone” amidst quite a number [...]