Tears and condolences

I want to give thanks to God for His guidance over my life. I also want to thank my family for their support. I will also use this opportunity to thank my friends and those who have been reading my articles, however, it’s only God who can justify mankind. It’s not the case that I am going to die soon because I know the readers might have been provoked by the topic. Don’t be afraid it’s just a thought radiating on my mind,afterall death is compulsory, but when someone dies at a very tender age people tend to pity the departure of such an individual.

If I die, what would happen? Who would cry for me? Am I an icon? would the world be on vacation because of me? Would I be accepted by God? All these few questions are not for me maybe when I am gone the story…

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Built For It.

I realized that whenever you envy someone, you only crave the 'good stuff' they have. Do you ever really desire to have their pressure, criticism, or hardship? Nope! Just the good stuff. And that's dead if you ask me.